The Weston Speedwell continuation gauge.

Weston Speedwell rev counters built up with

original components for true patina to partner your historic car.

Weston Speedwell – the original electronic rev-counter.

The historic rev counter available again.

The original rev-counter electronics were designed inhouse by John Sprinzel’s London based Speedwell Performance Conversions with manufacture passed to Weston a company more renown for aircraft instrumentation. The gauge is much favoured by owners of the early Mini Coopers and of course Sebring Sprites.

There were a variety of gauges manufactured from low performance 4K right through to 12K as used in F1 racing cars probably promoted by the legendary Graham Hill who was a member of the Speedwell team.

We are able to offer from time to time, gauges built up with original period Weston cases giving true patina to a gauge. Internals are moving coil, aircraft style instruments combined with more modern electronics. Using moving coil movements means that internally the gauges are very similar to their sixties predecessors.

Gauges built up with original parts

Our gauges utilise original components wherever possible starting with an original Weston case, aircraft style movement and often the original rear cap. Not all gauges had internal illumination and Speedwell used aircraft instrument lighting as a substitute. We hope to introduce this option shortly.

Sebring Sprite with Speedwell rev counter.

A gauge for your historic race car.

The Speedwell gauge offers an excellent period correct gauge for your classic car where a modern instrument fails to match a period look.
This image shows a Speedwell gauge mounted in period style in a Sebring Sprite probably Sebring 410EAO as restored by Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird

No steppers – all analogue.

Our gauges retain an analogue aircraft style movement visually similar to the original but also capable of excellent accuracy.

Built up gauges

Please email or message through Facebook for availability and to register an interest. We don’t take deposits. When the gauge is ready/available we provide images. At that point when you confirm acceptance we will then take payment.

Gauge calibration

Gauges are calibrated and thoroughly soak tested on our custom rig.

Original style gauge mounting kit.

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